Eelco in the media

Richard de Leth, founder of OERsterk, has an inspiring conversation with Eelco Smit about the essential parts of a successful, happy and healthy life. And why it is so difficult to keep these 3 essential parts of life in balance.

"What no one tells you about living a successful, happy AND healthy life."

Watch the video of this inspiring conversation below:

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VPRO 3Doc: The Burnout Industry

On the Burnout Industry. Among other things, about the role of a coach and difference between transaction and relationship (15:25 and 33:54).

Reyers Late: Live Talkshow, VRT

Eelco on coaching, goals, choices and balance. The road to happiness: "You can at least decide not to be unhappy." The Rules of the Game

Interview on the route to self-knowledge: Insight (self-knowledge), Action (observing yourself) Harvesting © (preferences over addictions).

BNR Book Launch Book for MEN

"Smit sees developments in society that make you think: men, pay attention!" - Paul van Liempt